Welcome to Padley's

Padley’s was founded in the 1950’s by the late George W Padley in his home village of Anwick, Lincolnshire. He supplied locally bred chickens to national wholesale markets and soon earned a reputation for quality and innovation. By pioneering agriculture integration and automatic processing, and introducing new production techniques in the United Kingdom, Padley’s was established from the very beginning at the forefront of the British Poultry Industry. Padley’s has a network of fully serviced breeding and growing farms.

Padley’s is also a leading company in the British Vegetable Industry. Customer demand for vegetables and vegetable products quickly led to investment and diversification into frozen vegetable processing. Contract processing is based in the heart of the most fertile areas of the United Kingdom with the best vegetable growing land.

Padley’s have extensive arable farming activities to complement contract processing and ensure vertical integration from field to customer.

Today, Padley’s is a leading private company in the Food and Agribusiness Industry.